Sealed type mixer

  • Sealed type dissolvers for high productions per batch.
  • Preferred for productions starting from three tons and up to twelve tons.
  • On those dissolvers their design sacrifices the versatility in favor of high production.
  • Three vertical shafts ensure a perfect mix.
  • The center one is a double scraper that cleans the chamber’s wall and rotates at 6 rpm.
  • From the other two side shafts the first has blades to mix the product at the vertical axis and the second one has dispersing disks and plays the major role of the product mixing.
  • Turning speed of the dispersing disks shaft if fully adjustable.
  • There are two options about power supply, electric or hydraulic even though it is accustomed to use electric power for the smaller batch mixers and hydraulic for the high batch.
  • The control of speed on the electric options is carried out by an electronic speed controller (INVERT), while on the hydraulic option the hydraulic components are controlled by PLC and the operator has a full control during all production steps.
  • According to needs options are available with ATEX explosion proof EEx-d execution for hazardous working areas.

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