Batch mixer

A new type of dissolver which is already tested on production level and have given excellent characteristics. Its working principle is simple and combines the work of a traditional dissolver with that of a mill. The rotor-drum assembly is immersed fully into the material. The rotor with its four blades spins within a drum that curries the outlet holes. Their working clearance is so narrow that everything passes from the drum holes is perfectly dissolved, mixed, homogenized and speeds-up any reaction. The highly strong centrifugal forces that are produced by the spin of the rotor emulsifies any particles that pass from the drum holes.Materials that needed high horse power dissolvers and many working hours to produce, can now be made in reasonable time. Materials that present difficulties to produce due to agglomerates, can now be produced easily.


  • Process from 25 to 2000 liters.
  • Eliminate agglomerates and fish eyes.
  • Reduce particle size.
  • Rapidly dissolve solids.
  • Accelerate reactions.

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